Universal Zoom Telephoto Lens

  • Rs. 1,200.00
  • Rs. 2,100.00


Ever been in a situation where you wanted to take a picture, but the object was too far away and your phone couldn’t capture it? What if you could transform your regular phone camera into a powerful 12X zoom telescope capable of capturing objects with crystal clear clarity upto 1,200 feet away? Now you can!

With this 12X Zoom telescopic lens you can transform your simple camera phone into a powerful telescope capable of taking pictures of objects 1,200 feet away without any image degradation or losing color reproduction. You now no longer have to carry a heavy DSLR camera that costs over 40,000 rupees, but can take pictures without compromising image quality.

The pictures you can take with this have the potential of turning you into an instant celebrity on Whatsapp. You will now have the power to take pictures nobody else can or would dare to. Whether you are on the beach or watching a live cricket match, the pictures you can take are truly amazing.

The lens is compatible with a wide range of devices, including: All models of the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S9+, S9, S8, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, & many more!

This product works using the same principles as professional camera lenses that cost tens of thousands of rupees! BUT now you do NOT have to waste money buying expensive & bulky DSLR/SLR camera lenses in order to have 12X zoom capabilities!

Our telephoto lens is made of Japanese magnifying double convex lenses that are designed with optimal optical path length (OPL). This allows for over 5X more light transfer through the lens when compared to a regular smartphone camera. Each layer of glass in the lens is covered with a broadband antireflection & anti-glare coating for low optical distortion, producing crystal clear, high resolution images -- No more blurriness or pixelated photos! Manual focus functionality allows you to zoom in as far up to 12X as you desire.

The universal steady clamp easily attaches to your regular phone, and its anti-shake design keeps your images in-focus.

Additionally, you do not have to lug around a massive DSLR/SLR camera & bag anymore to have all these professional-grade capabilities! This lens is small enough to fit into your pocket! You can now take incredibly magnified photos without drawing too much attention to yourself! What are you waiting for? Get this today and discreetly add 12X zoom capabilities to your phone ;)