Bicycle Auto Brake Sensing Light

Production details:

  • Fully 6061 aluminum alloy chassis.
  • Automatic on / off depending on the intensity and movement of the light.
  • Auto switch to sleep mode to save power.
  • Fastening the seat rail
  • 4 Flash Modes.
  • 20 hours + working time.
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery with a capacity of 7,400 mAh.
  • USB charging.
  • Battery indicator (blinks every 6 seconds)
  • Compact and lightweight design (55g).
  • Waterproof IPx6.


  • Smart light with sensor.Using highly sensitive intelligent sensor chip Ability to correctly detect vibration and braking
  • COB LED + Ensca Lens.High visibility at night, but not dazzling
  • Comparison of old and new technologies
  • Compared to the old taillights, the new Q5 taillights use better technical quality lamps and lenses. Make the lamp soft, do not hurt your eyes, more safe and stable.
  • Old model anti-fog lenses.Low cost, simple process, soften the light by reducing brightness

  • Q5-Optical lens.High cost, complicated process, transparent and bright light without glare

  • Impact recognition.Automatically turns off the light when there is no vibration for 30 seconds, and turns on automatically when you feel vibration (Except for constant light mode)

About charging:

Please use the charging cable included in the package to charge, otherwise it may damage the light.








SOS and bright modes are manually controlled and independent of the sensing element

Battery indicator

The indicator light blinks every 6 seconds, which signals the current battery

Switch modes as desired

Press to switch the flashing mode: flashing-breathing-SOS-off

IPX6 Waterproof design

Suitable for all aggressive conditions

Compact and lightweight design

CNC aluminum alloy housing

Anti-scratch and drop-proof