Pressure Memory Foam Hand Pillow

  • Rs. 1,799.00
  • Rs. 2,799.00


Are you the cuddling type? Cannot sleep without spooning? But, have to change positions due to pressure on hand? Well well, we’ve a magical solution to this. Now there is a possible way to sleep perfectly snug to your partner minus the hand pain. The Anti Pressure Memory Foam Hand Pillow ensures that you sleep sound without any pressure on you hand, neck straight up in position and fits just right to the human cervical vertebrae. It also lets you catch a quick neck on your desk while comfortably cocooning your neck to prevent neck or back sprain or injury.

  • With the perfect curved shape design, this memory foam pillow can perfectly place the arm under the pillow to prevent the arm from being pressed during the sleeping journey and causing pain.
  • Material: ABS (frame) board and memory foam core.
  • 100% polyester cover.
  • Dimensions: About 35*30*13 cm/14*12*5in.
  • Perfect cuddling pillow for a couple!