Personal Utilities Steriliser

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ūüĒ∂The¬†sterilizer box adopts harmless ultraviolet light disinfection, offering a high sterilizing rate up to 99.9%, effectively¬†sterilizing cellphones in¬†3 minutes.

ūüĒ∂It can hold a smartphone up to 6.5 inches.

ūüĒ∂Ideal gift for gifting and for self to stay hygienic.

ūüĒ∂It has an aroma¬†inlet at a corner that allows to remove the smell.

ūüĒ∂The charging interface also allows you to charge your phone.


Decree free iconProtection mode: It has a specialized protection mode wherein the lid of the sterilization box accidentally comes out during work, the UV light will automatically stop working. So it protects the eyes and skin from UV rays.

Decree free iconMultifunctional: It can sterilize many items, such as cell phones, nail tools, beauty tools, toys, underwear, adult products, glasses, razor, etc.

Decree free iconEasy and convenient to use: It can be charged through USB cable and with one-button operation, anyone can use it at home or on the go.

Decree free iconHighly efficient sterilization: It has a double sanitizing function, i.e, ultraviolet light and ozone. Additionally, the mirror reflection also reflects disinfection.

Decree free iconLong life: It has a high-quality UV disinfection light and the lifespan is over 10,000 hours.


1. USB charging: Click the function button, the light will turn on.

2. Press the disinfection button on left, the disinfection will start.

3. The work in progress bar starts to flash forward and in about 3 minutes, the progress bar reaches 100%, completing the disinfection and the ultraviolet light goes out.

4.  Press the right aromatherapy button, the voice prompt sounds, indicating the work progress and in 3 minutes the process will get completed and the lights will shut.


  • This UV sterilization box plays a role of both ultraviolet light and ozone.

  • Firstly, ozone disinfects almost all bacteria and viruses, for example, it has a disinfection rate of 99.9% for staphylococcus aureus and E. coli.

  • In addition, ozone automatically decomposes into oxygen within 30 minutes.

  • So¬†it is safe.

  • In the meantime, UV light can also kill germs and bacteria. UVC wavelength light can destroy the DNA molecular structure of bacteria. Therefore, obtained received by sterilization.



  • Capacity: Below 6.5 inches

  • Rated voltage: DC5V

  • Input current: 1-2A

  • Disinfection power: 5W

  • Aromatherapy function: 1W

  • Power: 9W

  • UV wavelength: 253.7nm

  • Product size: 218mm * 122mm * 23mm

  • Product weight: 300g


1 X Mobile phone disinfection box
1 X User manual