Mini Handy Moisture Spray

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🍒 NANO TECHNOLOGY DEEP HYDRATING: Adopt advanced iLife nano technology, split water into tiny nanometer particles to make the effective component penetrate into skin and better absorbtion. Mist Sprayer can help shrink pores and tighten skin, with skin moisture test function.

🍒 LARGE CAPACITY WATER TANK: Nano Sanitizer & facial mister,28ML water tank, Enough to meet the needs of a day moisturizing, suitable for any skin. Lather Touch Royal looking Device.

🍒 RECHARGEABLE & POWERBANK: It has actual capacity of charging, which more than twice of the products is often sold in the market. More than 90% of other products capacity are 1200mah or lower, and mobile phones such as IPHONE 6S is only about 30% capacity. The actual capacity of this product is 2800mah. IPHONE 6S is used as the power supply for mobile phones. It is actually charged more than once.

🍒 COMPACT AND PORTABLE SANITIZER TECHNOLOGY: Designed to be portable, easy to carry, so you can put it into your handbag, Sanitizer moisturizing your skin at any time anywhere, such as mobile,car,office, flights, outdoor, dressing room and so on. Whole body is cortical process, the overall appearance feels like an exquisite little handbag.

🍒 SKIN TESTER FOR TRAVEL SKIN CARE: The external skin moisture test function, it also can be reduced or increased with the customer's request.Can be used to test the skin's moisture, skin oil and skin type, and can also be used to detect the fluorescence. to get a young and healthy skin. Highly sensitive probe provides more precision of the test result. Stylish and portable with compact pen design, good for the home, travel, beauty salon and professional skin hospital.