Nano Gelpads

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Stick your mobile anywhere and watch Videos or listen Music.

Nano Gelpads make it easy to mount your phone on any phone and surface without worry about falling down.

This Magic Nano Gel Pad is a handy, portable adhesive holder that helps to stick your daily items firmly in place. It is small and light but strong and reusable.

The durable and versatile paste allow you to hold your phone in the kitchen or in a car. It organizes your cables and hangs small objects and small ornaments.




Versatile Usage

It works perfectly on any surface includes glass, walls (including those with wallpaper), rubber, steel, metal, wood, plastic, tile & leather 

You can use it for making Watching videos and recordings on your Phone with our Nano Gelpads.


You can reuse this Nano Gel Pad by just washing with cold water to remove dust and dirt to restore the stickiness. 

Ultra Strong Grips

Our Nano Gel Pad integrated with Nano Adhesive Technology that is strong holder for mostly all surfaces and objects thats helps to properly stick your phone without worrying about falling on the surface.



It can be easily carried at any where thats why you can listen music in your washroom, watch recipies in your kitchen and stick on the Back seat of your Car for watching movies and Listening music without touching your phone.

How to Use

    1. This Nano Gelpad does not require any glue, just remove the protective film then attached it directly to the surface of the Object, and press all over the gel to make the grip stronger.

    2. It is also easily removable, just peel it off from the edge and use it again wherever you want.


  • Material: Nano silicone gel
  • Size: Approx. 5 x 5 cm or 2" x 2"


  • 1 x Magic Nano Paste

    This nano gel pad can withstand up to 350gm weight, so we recommend not to exceed this weight to prevent your stuff from falling down.  

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