Body Posture Corrector

  • Rs. 1,199.00
  • Rs. 2,199.00

Unisex Adjustable Magnetic Posture Corrector-ditch the discomforts your lifestyle habits are bringing:

Our lifestyle habits could often take a toll over our bodies and put them under great discomfort. Be it how you stress your neck by looking downwards to your cellphone or if your office job results in a chronic pain in your back, it’s legit difficult to incorporate a practice that aligns with these inevitable practices and yet, doesn’t make life difficult for our body parts. What you’re looking at might be great if not the perfect solution in a scenario like that. The Unisex Adjustable Magnetic Posture Corrector is flexible, efficient and comfortable.

 Product Description:

Maintaining a good posture enables us to function optimally. It makes our bodies efficient and disciplined. The Unisex Adjustable Magnetic Posture Corrector is an affordable and comfortable way of posture correction. It effectively re-aligns the neck and spine areas and helps maintain an upright posture. The best part is, one can go on about their day and the brace will seamlessly fit inside your clothes without a hint of hindrance or discomfort! So, whether you want to correct your bad posture or simply take a precautionary measure to be on the safer side of things, this back brace is the ideal solution!

Key Benefits:

Offers a Confident Look: The posture corrector assists you to stand upright and taller which gives off the impression of youth and confidence!

Comfort-Fit: The back brace has been engineered in a way so that it is comfortable to wear it even during walking, running, exercising, carrying out your daily chores, etc. 12 magnets have been strategically placed that target the spine and lumbar region for maximum effectiveness

Made for everyone: The brace knows no bias! The product is unisex and fits 90-110cm chest and waist but the strap can be adjusted for your comfort