Auto Cool Solar Powered Ventilation Fan

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Solar Powered Car Window Windshield Auto Air Vent Cooling Cool Fan Auto Ventilator Cooler System. Easy to install and portable, solar powered, needs no batteries.clean air and blows hot air out of parked car.


Air convection is good for health to you and your family enjoy a non-toxic harmless to the environment.

Solar powered – needs no batteries!

Blows hot air out of the parked car and draws the cool fresh air in. Provides a cooler environment for your kids or pets in parked cars. Protects dash, interior, and valuable items in your car from high temperatures. Fits any car window.



Prevents heat build-up while parked. 
Blows hot air out and draws fresh air in. 
Helps to eliminate pet and tobacco odors.
Fits any car window
Solar powered -no batteries required
Maintains a safe, comfortable temperature level for your return. 
Place Auto cool vent on top of window, then close window and lock up. 
It's solar panel uses sunlight - not the car's electrical wiring or batteries - to power the built-in fan. 

Color:  Black
Size:  14.8cm x 11.2cm x 6cm
Material:   Plastic
Net Weight:  261.9g

Package Includes:
1 x Solar Power Car Window Fan
1 x Strip

Auto Cool does not work in cars with tinted windows.