Drying Rack

  • Rs. 1,299.00
  • Rs. 2,500.00

The multi-function drying rack is easy to use and versatile and is used in the balcony kitchen and bathroom. The hook position is adjustable to be fixed to most window balconies. Durable and durable with high-quality carbon steel, it can support up to 20 kg. Strong and sturdy.

  • 19 adjustment gears.
  • The is adjusted with the thickness of the wall, Material upgrade, easy to load 20 kg.
  • Package included: 38-55 cm three gussets, or 50-80 cm five gussets
  • Plastic material
  • Universal Color: Pink.
  • Fold-able: Can be raised and lowered with a gusset plate. Free to pull up, the length is up to us. Put more clothes and shoes after stretching