Reusable Waterproof Jar Bottles

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  • Rs. 1,999.00
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  • The bag is non-toxic and harmless and can be reused after washing.
  • Self-sealing design, no need for a sealing machine.
  • The sealing place is sealed with 2 rings, so the sealing effect is better, and the food cross-taste problem should not worry.
  • The bag is well sealed, moisture-proof and waterproof, and not easy to mold.
  • Packaging bags of different sizes meet all the requirements.
  • This is a set of kitchen equipment needed for a family. This is required for long term stays or travel.


  • Material: PE
  • Dimensions: yellow: 15.7 * 10.7cm, red: 19.5 * 13.7cm, blue 24.5 * 17.2cm, purple 31.7 * 10.5cm
  • Color: as shown in the picture


Due to different production batches or different lights and displays, the color of actual objects may be different, but please rest assured that this will not affect the effect of use. If you have any questions please contact our customer service staff, thanks for your purchase and we will definitely not be trusted.


  • Easy to operate, safe and reliable.
  • This is important in the kitchen
  • Sealed, fresh, can store food well
  • Suitable for: food, snacks, sandwiches, etc.
  • 100% brand new high quality