Friendly Vegetable Basket

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The perfect kitchen tool designed to help you put more vegetables in your diet while reducing the time you spend on prepping food and cleaning up!



Product Descriptions:

  • Rotating basket - the vegetable slicer features a unique 2-layer rotating drainage function that allows you to clean the vegetables directly through the drainage system after cutting the vegetables. Skip the tedious cleaning process and make your cleaning easier.


  • Multi-functional veggie cutter heads - this cool kitchen gadget has different interchangeable knife heads meet all your needs for cutting, slicing and shredding, and even make mushy vegetables or mashed potatoes
    • 1/16 '' (2mm) silk cutter head: This fine shredder is delicate, suitable for making coleslaw.
    • 1/8 '' (3mm) silk cutter head: This shredder is suitable for making coloring or frying.
    • 3/16 '' (4mm) silk cutter head: This thick shredder cut veggie into thick silk for stir-fry carrot strips, potato strips or cucumber strips.
    • 1/16 '' (1.5mm) thin film slicer: Suitable for making veggie thin film.
    • 1/8 '' (2.5mm) thick film slicer: Suitable for making thin film such as potato thick slice.
    • Grid film slicer: Easy to slice potato in grid shape film for deep-frying.
    • Grater: For making grated ginger, garlic or cheese without chopping, easy and labor-saving.
    • Vegetable peeler: Easy to peel at home.

  • Food grade stainless steel and BPA -free ABS material - The newly invented food slicer is completely safe for processing food.
  • Hand guard - This Multi-function Vegetables Slicer comes with a hand guard to protects your hands from being scratched while slicing the food. 


  • Usage: Cutting vegetables, washing vegetables.
  • Material: High-quality PP material.
  • Size: 22 x 22 x 11 cm.
  • Color: White&Gray.

Package Included:

  • 1*Cutter grater
  • Multi Blades
  • Drain Basket